I’m using Linux since 2001 and it still amazes me day by day. After trying Red Hat, Mandrake, Debian, SuSE and many other flavors (yes, I do have a bag full of Linux distro CDs), I have chosen Gentoo as my main focus. It could be any other distribution, but that’s the advantage: you’re like in a clothing store where you can try anything that fits your size and preferences. And, after taking it for free, you can still modify the product to fit you better.


What do I had to fit? Firstly, a server. I needed a server to act as an access point for my local area network, but I needed something more flexible than a simple hardware router. And I needed to be cheap, because, at that time, I was still a student. So, I had a spare computer, very old, very poor (actually I have a lot of old computers, including a 286 at 16MHz from 1990 – works on Linux too!). The computer was a Pentium I class with a 200 MHz processor, 64 MB of memory (EDO), 2 MB video card, PCI and ISA slots, all produced in 1995.


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I’m 30 but I’m getting a lot of toys, so when oedip invited me to the new blog about unread books visitors’ book I found another toy that’s this wordpress blog, so I wanted to be mine. Nothing serious until now, but since my other blog mihaimaga.blogspot.com is in Romanian I thought it would be nice to have an international no-language any-language pseudoenglish blog.